5 Innovative Scrapbooking Companies

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Welcome to another installment of 5 Things! I hope you are having a great weekend. I’ve been working on several projects and it feels so good to spend a few hours in my craft room. I’m in a little lull period, waiting for the new roof to be installed before I put the for sale sign up.  Once the sign goes up, the house has to stay spotless so I’m not sure how much crafty mischief I’ll getting into. I’ll just enjoy it now, while I can!

Today I wanted to share a few companies that I’ve been watching over the past few months. They are doing some pretty cool things in the scrapbooking community. I love when someone has an idea and follows through to make it happen. These are all examples of great ideas. Check them out!

1. Bite-Sized Scrapbooking launched a few months ago on the premise that the process of scrapbooking can be broken down into three steps. Subscribers are sent three emails a week with prompts and guidelines for creating a specific layout. The layouts are different every week and inspired by scrapbook designers with all different styles.

2. Masterful Scrapbook Design aims to provide you with top notch scrapbooking content. Every month, a new topic is explored. As a subscriber, you gain access to a seminar (20-30 pages of material in PDF form) to start the month off, full of information and ideas. As each week progresses, new materials like articles, designer inspiration (from different guest teachers each month) and recorded designer interviews are added.

3. Simple Pages/Simple Projects helps you get inspired to scrapbook and create more often. Each month, they provide a project with instruction, 3 layered templates for digital scrapbookers (paper scrapbookers can use them as sketches) and a collection of prompts to help you tell your stories during the month.

4. Log Your Memory offers a variety of planning tools to help you capture and record every day life memories. In addition to the calendar logbook that comes in a variety of sizes, they also offer a variety of other printables for lists, a travel logbook and a logbook for baby’s first year.

5. Unkit – this is not your average kit club. Unkit is like your personal shopper – they coordinate a “kit” full of products that work together beautifully. If you like what they put together, you can head to your local scrapbook store and buy the pieces and parts you liked. If you’d rather shop online, just click on the links provided and you can grab the entire kit or just the items you want through Unkit’s preferred vendor. It’s just for fun, there are no commitments or anything to join.

(Disclaimer – These are my opinions. I am a subscriber of Masterful Scrapbook Design and love their content. Also, I am honored to be the featured designer this week at Bite-Sized Scrapbooking.  I do NOT get financial compensation from any of these companies.)


I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a new Use Your Stash article.


  1. Tammy, thanks so much for mentioning BSS in this list! It’s a great honour to be included among these innovative companies. 🙂 I’m also delighted to be featuring your layout this week!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning Log Your Memory!! I hope your roofing project goes well… we’re headed for one of those ourselves this summer. 🙂


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