10 Things | December 2012

It’s the 10th of the month and that means a bunch of us link up with Shimelle and share a list of 10 Things. Everyone shares something different and the list can be anything you want, as long as it’s a list of 10 things.

This month, I am sharing 10 Things I am enjoying about December and Christmas this year:

1. The weather.

It’s still gorgeous in Florida. It’s my absolute favorite time of year because it’s not hot and not cold. For just a few months, it’s perfect. But a cold front is coming. It will be a refreshing change, cooling us into the lower 70’s later this week. See that orange blob over Middle Tennessee? So glad I’m not there!

2. Downloading new Christmas music.

Source: amazon.com via Tammy on Pinterest

3. Using Instagram to document the holiday festivities. I wasn’t always a fan of the app and the funky filters, but it’s fun to be different. And how can you resist the square shaped photos?

4. I discovered these last year and it’s my newest favorite Christmas chocolaty treat.

5. Mmm. Seasonal coffees and tea. I love adding in different flavors and enjoying a cup, relaxing and watching the lights chasing around the Christmas tree.

6. Decorating the Christmas tree. So happy that none of the Christmas ornaments broke during the move.

7. Watching holiday movies.

Source: amazon.com via Tammy on Pinterest

8. Christmas shopping in the middle of the week, avoiding the hustle and bustle weekend craziness. It’s a perk (if there is such a thing) of being unemployed.

9. Baking holiday treats to take to holiday gatherings.

10. Attending Christmas parties in Orlando and reconnecting with old friends and co-workers.

What are you enjoying most about this holiday season?

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  1. Family time is my favorite part of this time of year. Low-key weekends, just hanging out, playing games, wrapping gifts, etc.

  2. Lovely, lovely list! Glad you are enjoying your weather. I am wishing for snow, lol! So far, I’ve watched Elf twice and done all my shopping online. Wouldn’t dream of venturing into a store on the weekend!

  3. fab photos and oh do i need that dove chocolate – yum!!

  4. Great photos! I was watching Elf on TV last week. Love holiday movies!

  5. I have to agree with all of the above.
    Well except the weather and reconnecting with people in Orlando 🙂
    The weather here today is pretty cold!

  6. My list is similar to yours – I’m really enjoying cooking & baking for holiday get-togethers especially this year. We had a light snow this morning but it’s still beautiful sunshine outside (even if the temps are in the 40s today!).

  7. It’s funny to think of your temps being that high, when it’s hovering just above zero here!

  8. sounds like you are having a festive time already. It was 61 today in Massachusetts! I got a bunch of new holiday tea (ginger snap and egg nog tea??)

  9. This is the ONLY time of year I wish for snow 🙂 I know what you mean about the seasonal coffees and teas. We picked up some Dunkin’ Donuts Peppermint Mocha K-Cups and they are delicious!! Your treats look so yummy!

  10. Hi Tammy! Enjoying your ten things list ! I would love that peppermint coffee, I’ve not seen anything like that here!

    Are you public or private on instagram? I haven’t been on long but you can find me @ginbin70 if you like 🙂 I’m using it to keep up with JYC!

    Ps.congrats on scrapbook update! You are an awesome addition!

  11. I love your list and photos 🙂
    My daughter signed me up to Instagram..not to sure how to use it besides looking at the photos that they post, teehee.

  12. It is COLD here! The wind is crazy!! I don’t like it.

    How do you print your Instagram photos? I have been playing with it but that’s about it only taken 3 photos.


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