Use Your Stash | Gelatos

by Tammy on April 15, 2014

It has been such a long time since I’ve done a Use Your Stash post. It’s definitely time for a new one! I recently created a layout background using gelatos and thought this would be the perfect subject. While there’s been a lot of buzz about them and designers are using them more and more, many crafters are still wary.

Gelatos are pigmented color sticks with a soft texture. They come in a tube like chapstick and the consistency is harder than lipstick but softer than a crayon. You can use them like crayons to apply color to a surface. You can also mix them with water and use them like water colors. They are so much fun to use!

For my use your stash posts, I like to go in search of other layouts and inspiration to show additional examples and ways other crafters have been using the item. Check at the end of this post for additional video resources.

Here are some great ways to use your gelatos:

1. Create Backgrounds

For my layout, I wanted to create a colorful background to showcase some spring flower photos. I just took each gelato and colored in a section of the background. Once the color was down, I took a paint brush with water to spread out the color a bit. And by adding water and forming puddles, I applied my heat tool and pushed the water drops to create the cool drips.

I worked with one section at at time. Applying the color, the water with the brush, and drying with the heat tool before applying the next color.

The finished layout is super colorful. I love the saturated color the gelatos lend to the background. As much as I love pattern paper, it’s fun to create custom backgrounds like this for special layouts.

2. Make Embellishments

I love, love this idea from Wilna. Over on 2 Peas, she shared this layout using gelatos to create her own super sized enamel dots.

Source: Two Peas In A Bucket Check out Wilna’s video!

3. Painting with Gelatos and mixing them with other Mediums

In this project over at the Simon Says Stamp blog, Shari Carroll watered down her gelao colors to color in the message on the front of the card. Then she added one color to Faber Castell Glaze to get a really cool effect on the inside flap.

Source: Simon Says Stamp blog Check out Shari’s video!

4. Adding Color to Pattern Paper

Ever have a piece of pattern paper and you want to add a pop of color? I love this idea from Mou over at the Design Memory Craft blog. She added some gelato color to a pattern paper background with a wet brush over gesso to get a cool wash of color.

Source: Design Memory Craft blog

5. Mixing Mist colors

Who doesn’t love a tool that can perform double duties? Mieko shared this cool idea on the Design Memory Craft blog. She took the silver metallic gelato and mixed it with water and added it to a Mini-Mister to create her own mist color.

Source: Design Memory Craft blog

6. Coloring Embossed Backgrounds

Last, I have shared this idea in a previous post, but wanted to revisit the topic. Gelatos are perfect for adding color to the raised background created by embossing folders.

I love how the white looks on the kraft paper. And the lighter colors (especially the metallics) show up great on black paper.

In addition, I always find videos to be helpful when trying something new. The links below are all freely available videos showing a variety of gelato techniques.

  • Designing with Gelatos – Design Memory Craft – a fantastic video showing a variety of different gelato techniques along with this gelato set
  • Designing with Gelatos – with Limor Webber – an hour long class showing even more techniques. She shares a lot of information as she works on the different surfaces.
  • Drip Techniques with Gelatos – with Donna Downey – Donna showcases why a surface painted with gesso provides the perfect backdrop for a dripping gesso technique
  • And last, two more videos from Wilna showing more ways to use gelatos on scrapbooking layouts. This one is for Studio Calico and she shows a fun technique combining glaze and gesso with the gelato colors. And then this one is for Two Peas where Wilna uses bright gelato colors on a black chalkboard background.

I hope that these ideas help you get your gelatos off the shelf and onto some new projects!

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Love Your Style | A Scrapbook Layout

by Tammy on April 8, 2014

Well, so much for getting this layout posted last week… Just didn’t happen. But on the brighter side, I purposely didn’t plan anything for this past weekend — no dinner with friends, no dates, no drinks, and guess what? I was super productive! Amazing how that works. Not only did I finish the two layouts on my desk in progress, but I also got started on several more and brainstormed some future ideas.

While I am super happy with how my social life is shaping up these days…I still really need my down time too. I’m going to have to remember to give myself a weekend with no commitments every once in awhile. But I digress…on to the layout!

I finished another center layered layout and just thought I would snap a few photos in process to show how it comes together. Sometimes its hard to tell how many layers are there and how they all stack up. I know when I see some pages on Pinterest I really want to know, so I thought I would just share this one in case anyone else wonders like I do.

This base started out with thin pattern paper strips across the top and the bottom. I find that these strips help keep the focus and attention on the center of the page. Your eye isn’t as likely to go off the page with borders helping to contain the space.

Two blocks form the center foundation and the photo is added right away. All of the other layers will be tucked in around the photo.

3×4 journaling cards. These little cards are showing up on more of my layouts these days. I guess in a way, they have replaced other blocks of pattern paper. I have found that I don’t use as much pattern paper when I have fun cards to layer with. And since I have more 3×4 cards than I’ll ever be able to scrap, maybe that means I’ll buy less pattern paper???? Hmmmm….

The green “#AWESOME” came from a 3×4 card. I just trimmed it down to fit where I needed it. Same with the Rock Star quote. I just cut away the rest of the card so that I could get that round shape at the top. Now I’ve started to layer in a few other embellishments as well.

At this point I’m working out where the journaling  and my title will go.

And once they were in place, I finished off page with a few stickers, cards, enamel dots and some twine. Super quick and easy.

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Tags Of Inspiration | March 2014

by Tammy on March 31, 2014

It’s the end of another month. Oh where does the time go? It was another whirlwind of a month for me. I had a super busy weekend, but luckily, enough time to finish up a few inspiration tags in time to get them posted on this last day of March.

(What are my Tags of Inspiration? Here’s my original post if you missed it and want the full details. I am simply making these tags as a trigger. They remind me of my tools, different embellishments, color palettes, border treatments, techniques to add to a page, etc… They are not exactly meant to be works of art  — some are much prettier than others — they simply provide me with inspiration if needed, when I’m working on a project.)

Inspiration ideas:

  • Gesso is a great glitter adhesive
  • Use gesso with stamps
  • Yellow + Mint + Pink = fun spring palette

Inspiration ideas:

  • Run vellum through a polka dot embossing folder for fun texture
  • Use more purple
  • Sometimes a simple sentiment is all that is needed

Inspiration ideas:

  • Add water drops to distress ink to get that cool reaction
  • A few sequins here and there add a tiny bit of sparkle
  • Navy is a great neutral to balance with brighter colors

Just three tags this month. Maybe I will have time for more next time.

If all goes well, I will be back later this week with a layout. I have had so many events the past couple of weeks that I making a point not to schedule anything after work this week until Friday. Hopefully I will be feeling creative enough after work to finish up the layout on my desk.

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He Is Totally Awesome | A Scrapbook Layout

by Tammy on March 25, 2014


I am back to the crafting after a much needed break. I have been so busy lately living life that the crafting has become less of a priority. Which feels strange to me considering it was the one steady thing I could count on during all the years of unemployment. I spent so much time during that period hyper focused on the one thing I could control – crafting.

As much as I love playing with paper and coming up with cool projects to create and share, I have to say I’m loving all the other things I am doing too. I’m taking tons of photos which means there will always be more scrapbook pages and mini albums to make (when I get around to it). But that leads me to admit that the mojo is not exactly flowing right now.

I may need to find some classes to take. Some other way to get the ideas circulating again. I’m not sure what that means in terms of this blog, other than there just aren’t as many projects to share so the posting may be less frequent. I am not going anywhere, but I also have to give myself permission not to create on my super busy weekends when I’m off having fun and creating memories. The last thing I want to do is throw something together just to have something to post here.

Luckily, I do have a layout to share today that I love.

This is my oldest nephew. You may remember me saying that he’s camera shy these days and not interested in having recent photos posted anywhere. I found that out myself after spending time with him last week. I was able to coax him to sit for some photos with me so I will have some new scrapbook material soon. Unfortunately, I will still be blurring his face because he’s still not keen on having photos posted online.

But this photo is several years old and he’s changed so much. I think this one is safe to share.

I love how the torn edge on this layout turned out. After tearing an edge of pattern paper recently, I thought it would be cool to tear an edge of cardstock and have a pattern paper underneath. Here I used Admit One from Echo Park and the striped chevron paper is Top Secret from October Afternoon. The 3×4 cards card are from the Simple Stories Him Snap pack. Most of the banners and the flair came from my March It’s My Life Scraptastic kit. I even dug deep into the stash and found used some work stickers from a Crate Paper sticker sheet from the Toy Box collection.

I also did some hand stitching on this one. I’ve been trying to do that more often because I love the extra touch that it adds. I finally unpacked my sewing machine over the weekend and was shocked that it still worked like a charm. Even after two years in a box. I was able to alter some clothes that were too loose on me. I’ve always wanted to sew on paper with the machine but have never tried it. I worry that the paper will gunk it up and I won’t be able to sew material when I need to. Anyone out there use their sewing machine for paper and to actually sew with material? Any issues doing both?

Well, that is all for today. Thanks for stopping by!


Spring Break | 2014

by Tammy on March 18, 2014

Taking a quick blog break this week. My nephews are in Florida visiting and I’m making some time to goof off with them.

Crafting will resume next week!

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It’s been awhile since I scrapbooked my European adventure photos, so last weekend I pulled out a stack to see if I could get inspired. I think you’ll be seeing more Europe layouts soon! Even though my trip was four years ago this May, every time I pull out the photos I get to re-live my trip. That’s why it does not bother me I haven’t scrapbooked all the photos yet. I think I’ll be really sad when the album is finally finished!

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve probably heard me talk about my aversion to two-page layouts. I have nothing against them when other people create them, but I personally don’t like to make them. Unless I follow a sketch, I generally end up creating 2 one pagers and have to find some way to tie them together at the end. It’s just easier for me to go with single page layouts.

As I was arranging the photos and figuring out where things would go, the right side of the page came together immediately. But you can see the problem. No room for journaling (a problem I often create for myself), plus I had three more photos I wanted in the layout. Before I resigned myself to forcing out a two-pager, I looked through my collection of divided page protectors. And voila!  I didn’t have to think too much to create this two-pager. The divided page protector did all the work for me.

This particular divided page protector gave me room for three photos and includes a 6×12 slot as well. I viewed that 6×12 slot as an extension of the 12×12 layout on the right. I used the same white background, added a strip of the yellow-green diagonal stripe paper – Lovely Day from My Mind’s Eye, as well as a block of the floral paper – Pretty from My Mind’s Eye, to tie the two parts together.  I ended up filling the entire 6×12 space with journaling as I realized I had quite a bit to say. (When I give myself enough room, I can always fill it up!)

One of the problems I have with some of the photos I took from the bus is the glare off the window. Two photos on this layout had that problem, so I placed a die cut flower right over the photo. Not only was I able to take the emphasis away from the glare, but it also gave me an embellishment point to help balance the two pages and to create another point on each side of the layout to form a visual triangle. Not perfect triangles, but enough that it works to my eye.

Have you tried combining a divided page protector with your 12×12 layouts to create a unique layout like this? There are so many different varieties to choose from now. They really do add something different and a bit of variety to the pages in my albums.

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Spring In Florida | A Weekend in Photos

by Tammy on March 11, 2014

Ah, spring has definitely arrived in Florida. The azaleas are in bloom and all of the trees are leafing out again.  It may only last a few weeks, but it’s a gorgeous two weeks!

This past weekend I met up with some local shutterbugs and we went on a photo walk at the Bok Tower Gardens. So many great things to photograph. I’m so glad that I didn’t miss out on the opportunity this year.

Just thought I would share a few of the shots I captured.

And a selfie at the end of the day…

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Thinking Through Storage Options

by Tammy on March 7, 2014

Organizing our supplies is one of those never ending, ongoing challenges. It’s a personal thing and what works for one crafter may not work for another. I love to hear the different ways people organize their supplies, but ultimately, the way I store things will be unique to my space and the way that I scrapbook.

There are so many different ways to organize your stash. By theme if you are a seasonal scrapbooker. By manufacturer if you tend to think of your supplies by the company that makes them. By color if you that’s the way you work.  By type keeping all the flowers together, keeping all the brads together, keeping all the chipboard together, etc…

And essentially any combination of the above. More and more, I have been finding that organizing one way for one thing works well, but doing it that same way may not work for another category.

For example, I organize my pattern paper by manufacturer. That’s how I think about paper, that’s what works for me when I am planning my pages. I tried years ago to organize my pattern paper by color because it was the cool thing to do and it drove me insane. I could never find what I was looking for. I never started a page thinking I need a purple background so let me see my purple paper. I immediately changed it back to keeping all of one manufacturer together and it’s worked well for me ever since.

In other categories, I like to keep all of  that one thing together. Like all of my 6×6 paper pads are in one place, all of my washi tape is in one bucket, all of my 3×4 and 4×6 card pads are in one container. Having all of these items in one place allows me to see what I have all at once and quickly find something that will work.

But when it comes to my flowers, I want to see all of my yellow flowers at once, not just the Prima flowers and not every single flower in my stash. Having all the yellow flowers together allows me to find the right shade for the page I am working on.

There really is no rhyme or reason why something works one way and not another. Over the years, I have just learned that it comes down to trial and error. Try small changes and if it doesn’t work, change it again.

When I first moved into this little condo, I reorganized some of my embellishments so that all of my loose chipboard pieces were together. I had another bin that had all of my butterflies, another bin with just hearts and another bin with all my star shapes.

I use hearts and stars all the time so I’m constantly reaching for these bins. I don’t care what colors are there, I just want to see all of my stars or hearts. But I never reached for the chipboard bin, nor the butterfly bin. These bins have been sitting in the closet for two years virtually untouched.

When things are neglected, its time to think through what kind of change might work. It just so happens that I have started to notice a change in the way I embellish my pages. I am now thinking more in terms of color. Not in putting the whole page together, but just about embellishing with an accent color. If it’s red, I gather up a bunch of red items. If it’s green I gather up some green items.

For these categories of embellishments I haven’t been using, I gathered everything up and started diving them up by color.

Why go through all this detail? Because it really is important to think through how you scrapbook and how that translates into how to organize these things. Just a few years ago I wouldn’t have thought to dismantle my embellishments and put them into colors. Now? It works. And if in another year I’m scrapbooking differently, I’ll change it up. Again.

I’ve had these color drawers for years. I do keep things like brads and small embellishments, threads, and ribbons by color.

My latest container of chipboard, butterflies and other random embellishments fit in the drawers perfectly. Now, when I need a blue accent, I can pull out the drawer and have everything I need right there.

It’s too soon to tell if this will work, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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